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  • Nuffwave wake shaper fully adjustable, rotating suction cup
  • Switch from port to starboard instantly - Easily attach and remove with suction levers above or below the water, while in the boat or in the water, quick 5 second install and removal.
  • Surf plate is fully adjustable to give you more angle for large heavy boat
  • Suction cups are adjustable to rotate side to side or up and down, to fit your boat haul no matter of the design
  • German made Large industrial suction cups hold even in the toughest conditions. Universal, Works On All Inboards - From 1980's Ski Boats To Newer Wakeboard And Wakesurf Boats, Turn Them All Into Surf Machines Wake surfing made simple - designed to create a world-class wave on almost any boat with an easy no-tool install Made in the USA







Before heading out on the water you need to make sure you get the most ideal fit on your boat.  As many manufactures and models have different hulls and freeboard designs; it is important to make sure that you have good seal on your NUFF Wave to prevent it from falling off.  Our one-of-a-kind articulating suction cups will accommodate most any boat and hull.  Ensure that any dirt, dust, wax, or oil is removed from hull where you want the NUFF Wave placed to ensure the best seal as possible.

Placing the NUFF Wave approximately 6-8” from the bottom of the hull and 5-6” from back edge of the hull, lock the 2 level in the down or flat position.  Ensure you have a good seal by applying a fair amount of pressure on the front edge of the NUFF Wave.  The articulation of the suction cups may not be needed on all boats.  If your boat has a relatively flat mounting surface, you can lock the articulation into a fixed position by removing the 2 outside stoppers and flipping them over.  This will restrict the amount of movement the suction cup as on its axis.  If your boat has a unique hull shape, you can change the front, rear, or both suction cup articulation directions to suit your needs.

- Remove the 4 screws affixing the suction cup to the base plate

- Remove the 4 screws affixing the articulation stoppers

- Rotate the Suction Cup and shaft 90 degrees and re-apply 4 screws locking the suction cup to     base plate.

- Install the articulation stoppers in the prior suction cup holes and re-apply 4 screws.



As many of our users are either first time surfers, or have been “listing” their boats to the surf side with ballast, there are some important changes and differences that must be noted for optimal NUFF Wave performance.

-If you are first time surfer or new to surfing it is important to note that ballast is an additional requirement of this system.  NUFF Wave will work on most all inboard boats with a modest ballast system for the respective model. 

-For most boats we recommend:O Factory Rear Ballast Full (if equipped)

o Additional Rear Ballast in Lockers is Preferred

o Wakeballast Steel 50lbs Bags are a GREAT addition

o Bow Ballast can be used to offset a large bow rise when running big rear weight.  However too much can affect the height of your wave.

-Having any additional Ballast in your boat will only increase the effectiveness of your NUFF Wave System.





Your NUFF Wave has several adjustments, settings, and positions which is what makes this one of the greatest systems for dialing in that perfect wave.  The plate position/location on the boat, and the angle of the plate are the 2 biggest factors when dialing in your wave.  The farther forward on the boat the NUFF Wave is, the longer the wave will be with a sacrifice in height.  The closer to the back of the hull the taller the wave will be with a sacrifice in length.   The idea is to find the perfect location on the boat.  We recommend that you let the boat sit at rest with the ballast full before placing the NUFF Wave on the boat.  This will give you a base line of how deep on the hull you will place the NUFF Wave, we recommend having top 2-3” out of the water with the ballast full while at rest.  Place the NUFF Wave on the OPPOSITE side of Surfer.  Adjust the Nuff Wave plate angle to the number 3 hole and re-secure the lock pins.  We recommend a speeds of 10.8-11.8 depending on your boat.  (IF EQUIPPED with a center wake or adjustment plate you can use this to clean the face of the wave up).



I am getting a large amount of spray from the Nuff Wave that is spraying into the wave.

-Place Nuff Wave 2” deeper in the water to reduce the spray repeat as necessary until spray is minimized but some spray or splashing is expected.

Does the NUFF Wave Float?

-Yes the NUFF Wave is designed to float and is bright white for easy identification in the water.

NUFF Wave keeps sliding off the boat.

-Using a non-abrasive material, use a non-oil based product to thoroughly clean the mounting surface.

Does the NUFF Wave have a warranty?

-YES!  As a hand made in USA product, Nuff Wave has a 2 Year Warranty.


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jared Aug 20th 2018

amazing wave

cannot beat the wave for the cost.

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Additional Info

7.00 LBS
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