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      The Halfie-Pro is the Most responsive model in the Brigade Lineup and it Rips!! Just ask our Pro-rider and world champion Craig "Halfie" Halford that helped us design this board. It's what we like to call a Hybrid, that in-between a surfstyle and a skimstyle. Straight and Sharp rails for drawn out long bottom turns and huge snaps. Super light which is great for big airs. Then with the blunt nose and tail, great for 360's and riding revert (backwards).

      Weight range: All riders
      Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

      He asked for 3 things....
      Light for AIRS....
      and a wide stub nose for CONTROL....

      Your wish is our command and we nailed it on the first try!! If you want the board to take you to the next level of riding and making tricks that much easier this is the next board to add to your quiver