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Freedom Wakesurf board. Patriot Skim Surf Board 4' 4" (52.5")

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The Freedom Wakesurf Patriot Skimboard

When it comes to outdoor water sports, skimboarding is always a top favorite amongst adults and children and for good reason! To feel the wind at your face and the sand and water against your ankles as you skim along at warp speed at the edge of the wake is a feeling like no other.

Pop, maneuver, and ride all at the same time with the Patriot! Featuring three fins, you can achieve those energetic boost offs that you love, while being sure that you can shred every wave with high-end turns and high-speed agility.

Patriot Details- 4' 4" in Length. Quad-Fin equipped, supports 3 Fin as well.

Skill Level- Perfectly designed for all levels of skill, from Beginner to Advanced. With its incredible balance beginners will learn fast on the Patriot. Advanced riders will notice low railed, rolled edges and incredible maneuverability.

Custom Design- Layered fiberglass and an EPS, shaped with a low railed and rolled edges assure for maximum stability. Diamond-textured EVA traction pads are hard-wearing and provide extra maneuverability for critical turns and ollies too. 

Care- Simply rinse off with fresh water and avoid long-term UV exposure.

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