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      • THE PREMIUM QUALITY DRESS FOR ANY DESTINATION- From the beach, the bar, a night on the town, or after a run - be prepared for anything on your travels. You can even change on a crowded tour bus or plane! Our fabric is moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, and quick-drying. It's the lightest and most compact - a great activity companion!
      • NOT “ONE SIZE”, ITS YOUR SIZE- The Undress is so size friendly and adjustable, Size “C” fits women sizes XL-3XL, that Size “B” fits women sizes XS-L, and we now have Size "A" for Youths aged 8-13! The Undress transforms to your perfect fit with Bust, Waist, Hips, and Length adjustment points.
      • NEW! BUILT-IN BRA PADDING PLUS OPTIONAL SHELF BRA STRAP- The Undress Version 3 has a brand-new built-in form-friendly bra padding that allows you to go sans-bra, while still being comfortable and discreet! An Optional fully adjustable Shelf Bra Strap is also available if you need additional support and better coverage
      • CORD LOCKS FOR A BELTED & FITTED LOOK- Tie the cord locks around your waist for a chic belted look. Use the patent-pending cord lock and tie system to create a sleek, fitted look. Quickly adjust the two cord locks - one at the neck strap and the other in the back - to give yourself the perfect fit.
      • TWO HIDDEN SIDE ACCESS POCKETS- The Undress has zippered side-access openings with convenient hidden pockets that are crucial to taking off your pants with class. The easiest way to remove a sweaty sports bra, swimsuit, or any other item of clothing. Make awkward "tent changes" and "bush searching" a thing of the past.

      Changing clothes in public just got better with undress!

      Have you recently been forced to change clothes in public?

      Have you ever resorted to changing clothes using a flimsy towel, dirty public restroom, or hiding in the car before or after your activities?

      Have you ever had your underwear fall on the ground?

      The Undress is more than just a dress; it's a SYSTEM that has many proprietary features to help you change clothes without ever getting naked.

      You haven't seen a dress quite like this before with patented features, truly a fashion and engineering miracle.

      Goodbye to towel and car changes, public restrooms, and embarrassment forever!

      Want to Undress?

      Change clothes anytime, anywhere, in less than a minute thanks to this Women's Beach Cover up!

      Slip into The Undress, and guide the dress underneath your top.

      Next, remove your bottoms using the patented side access openings.

      Finally, remove your top, and you're done!

      Quickly adjust the 2 cord locks - one at the neck strap and the other in the back - to give yourself the perfect fit.

      Want to redress into something else?

      It’s so quick and easy.

      Simply reverse the process.

      Then slip out of The Undress, and you’ll be in your new outfit!

      YES, it's like magic.

      The Undress is the world's best cover up and is perfect for all water activities.

      Try it once, and you'll be hooked!

      Change clothes, Change sizes, and Change styles like never before.

      Convert The Undress into a small shoulder bag to take small items with you.

      You can also pack it away in your gear bag or car so you are prepared for everything!

      No more unnecessary evil of changing in a dirty bathroom, paying to get in a gym/studio, or attempting discretion in front of unsuspecting bystanders.

      Own the most versatile dress in th