ATTWOOD Attwood Tsunami 1200 GPH Short Intake Ballast Pump (168lbs/min)

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A special version of the Attwood Tsunami 1200GPH ballast pump featuring a 1" threaded inlet for easy integration.

We're making Attwood's Tsunami 1200 pump even more popular by offering a version with a standard 1" NPT inlet for easy integration with your ballast system.

We've been selling Attwood's Tsunami 1200 GPH Aerator pump for ballast applications longer than anyone else, and for all of the great qualities of this ballast pump, it's proprietary threaded inlet was always a pain to deal with.

That's all changed now that we're offering a version of this legendary pump with a standard 1" NPT threaded inlet.That means this pump can be threaded directly into your ball valve or other inlet hardware with no adapters and no special sealant for a leak-proof installation!

As with the standard version of the pump, the Attwood 1200 is a dependable, long lasting aerator style pump intended for use in automated ballast systems.

The internal cartridge is easily replaceable, and inexpensive, making this pump easy to repair and cheap to own, unlike expensive reversible pumps.The housing is made of rugged glass and mineral filled polymer to withstand the impacts that can result for repeated impacts with other boat's wakes and rough water and is resistant to the oil and fuel typically found in a boat's bilge compartment.

Additionally, the motor on the Attwood Tsunami 1200GPH is completely sealed and waterproof, making it a safe choice for use around fuel vapors.The compact size of the T1200 wakeboard ballast pump makes it incredibly flexible from an installation standpoint, and no other similarly sized pump can compare to its output.

ConnectionsIn order to connect a hose to the discharge port of this pump you will one of the following adapters (not included, purchase separately):


1-1/8" Straight Hose Barb - more info»

1-1/8" Elbow Hose Barb - more info»


This is the perfect pump to use when building a high capacity aerator pump based ballast system.The 1" NPT connection on the inlet of the pump allows it to be threaded directly into the ball valve for a simple connection.

WakeBallast: Because our DryLOK port is a 1" NPT design, technically this pump will thread directly into it. However, that doesn't leave you with a very serviceable connection, as you'll have to unthread the pump every time you need to remove the bag from the boat. The better choice is to use the long intake version of the pump with our drain pump adapter for the drain pump, and use this pump for the fill pump.

Straight Line:This pump is ideal for both fill and drain connections, and can be threaded directly into the drain port on any newer Straight Line Sumo or Big Bag ballast bag.

Fly High:This pump is best for powering the fill side of the system thanks to simple integration with the rest of the hardware.For the drain side, we recommend using the standard Attwood 1200GPH Tsunami Pump, which is compatible with our Attwood Drain Pump Adapter making a water-tight connection to the bag that can be removed easily.

This is the raw component pump designed for use in an automated ballast system.The hose barb adapter is also available separately for use on the inlet of the pump to help facilitate installation (see recommended accessories).The wiring connection is 14" long, and consists of a pair of 16AWG stranded wires.

NOTE: This pump uses a standard 1" NPT threaded inlet connection, so it will mate perfectly to any 1" NPT connection with no special adapters necessary. However, that also means this pump IS NOT compatible with our Drain Pump Adapter. For that you need to purchase the long version of the pump.

Attwood Tsunami 1200 GPH Short Intake Ballast Pump Features

  • Bag Fill Rate: 168 lbs/minute
  • Inlet Length: 3"
  • Inlet Thread: 1" NPTM
  • Outlet Thread: 1-1/8" NPSM

Product Specs

Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Attwood - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # T1200-4663-1
Item # 22009
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