Jabsco Ballast King Reversible Pump w/Rocker Switch (133lbs/min)

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The Jabsco Ballast King is the fastest solution for wakeboard ballast systems. Includes rocker switch and wiring.

In the world of wakeboard boat ballast systems the new Jabsco Ballast King is a game-changer that owners have been asking for. Fill and drain your ballast tanks at over 125 pounds of water a minute. This impeller driven reversible pump is 50% faster than it's predecessor, the Jabsco Ballast Puppy.

The Jabsco Ballast King comes pre-loaded with the latest and best impeller that Jabsco offers: the purple impeller. The purple urethane premium impeller offers increased speeds, improved durability, and more reliable operation.

The Jabsco King pump is not a direct replacement for older Jabsco Ballast puppy pump models due to the extra amperage.


  • Fill Rate: This pump fills and drains at a rate of 133 pounds/min
  • Flow Rate: 960 Gallons Per Hour / 16 Gallons Per Minute
  • Physical Dimensions: 8"L x 4.75"W x 3.625"H
  • Inlet/Outlet: 1" Hose Barb and 1/2" NPT Internal Thread
  • Voltage/Max Current Draw: 12 Volt DC, 19 Amps (Recommended Fuse Size: 25 or 30 Amp)
  • Self-priming: Yes
  • Safety Features: Ignition Protected
  • Fills an 800 pound bag in approximately 7 minutes and 15 seconds
  • Includes a pre-wired rocker switch to simplify hookup, just run a power connection to the dash, and from the switch to the pump (worried about the wiring, check out the Plug-and-Wake compatible version of the Ballast King Pump)
  • Component reversible pump for automated ballast system
  • Ignition Protected: Designed for safe installation in the bilge compartment of the boat without risk of fire or explosion due to fuel vapors. This feature alone is crucial for safe operation, and is one important distinguishing factor between the Ballast Puppy and the similar pump to which it is often compared.
  • The integrated Thermal Damage Protection circuit monitors the temperature of the pump motor and automatically shuts it off if conditions indicate water is no longer flowing through the pump. This innovative feature will prevent damage to the motor from overheating.

Thermal Rundry Protection Limitations

This is not designed to prevent damage to the impeller from running the pump dry and should not be depended on for that protection. Make sure to purchase the WakeBallast Timer Module for this application.

Note: this is an aftermarket version of this pump, which includes a pre-wired switch connector. If you are looking for a pump to replace the damaged pump that came in your boat, you want our Plug-and-Wake Jabsco Ballast King Reversible Pump instead.

Product Specs

Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Jabsco - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 22610-9507
Item # S10372
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