WakeMAKERS 2005-2008 Malibu vRide BagBuster Rear Factory Ballast Upgrade

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Transform your Malibu's surf wave and wakeboard wake with our LIMITED BagBuster Factory Ballast Upgrade for the best possible performance and the most fun on the water.

You purchased your Malibu to have fun and make memories on the water with family and friends. Quite simply, the factory ballast your boat came equipped with will not offer enough capacity to generate what most owners would consider a "good" wave for surfing.

The solution is our LIMITED BagBuster Factory Ballast Upgrade Kit that is designed to unlock the hidden potential of your Malibu to build an amazing wave. Correctly weighted, and with a surf device, these boats will generate an amazing wave that everyone on your boat can enjoy. A better wake is proven to make for a more enjoyable wakesurfing and wakeboarding experience, and our BagBuster Upgrade makes it easy to achieve and hassle free to use.

Our BagBustr aftermarket ballast solutions increase the overall capacity of your Malibu's factory ballast system for improved performance while maintaining the convenience of controlling all ballast with the switches at your dash. That means you keep all of the convenience of your current ballast, just with expanded capacity to build a better wave. The factory hard tanks in these Malibu models take up valuable space in the rear lockers and don't hold enough weight to create the wake you desire. They are inefficient because they don't maximize ballast capacity when full, and when empty they still take up the same volume of storage space in the rear lockers. Our BagBuster Factory Ballast Upgrade solves this issue by removing the hard tanks in your Malibu and integrating WakeMAKERS ExactFIT Series bags into your boat's factory ballast system. This solution takes up far less space when the ballast is empty for more storage, and maximized ballast capacity when full for the best possible performance.

Designed to directly integrate the provided WakeMAKERS FIT Series ballast bags into your Malibu's factory ballast system, you still get to enjoy the convenience and ease of use with a fully automated fill/drain processes. You will use the same ballast switches at your dash to fill and drain the new ballast bags. Adding an additional few hundred lbs of ballast capacity in the rear lockers will create sizeable improvement in your Malibu's wake.

Every WakeBMAKERS Factory Ballast Upgrade is designed to be a user-friendly DIY install that can be completed in your garage over the course of an afternoon. Don't want to do a self-install and would rather take your boat to a professional? These Upgrades can be completed by your local WakeMAKERS certified boat service center.

What's Included:

This factory ballast Upgrade is a complete solution that includes everything needed to Upgrade the ballast on your boat:

  • Port ExactFit 890lb Ballast Bag
  • Starboard ExactFit 890lb Ballast Bag
  • All required pre-assembled fittings and connectors required for installation

This Upgrade Requires Factory Rear Ballast

Depending on the year and model, Malibu offered the rear ballast Upgrade as an option. Please ensure your boat is equipped with the factory rear ballast tanks located above the floor on the outside edge of each rear locker.

Product Specs

Warranty 2 Years
Manufacturer WakeBallast - view brand page
Item # S171278
We are an authorized distributor of WakeMaker products, water ballast and some plumbing fittings are made to order, and stock levels vary daily. Please allow up to 2 - 3 weeks before your items arrive.

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