WakeBallast Premium Clear Ballast Hose

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Premium wakeboard ballast hose features an internal reinforcing coil to minimize kinking, crushing and collapsing

QTY 1 = 1 Foot
QTY 2 = 2 Feet...etc.

The highest quality ballast hose we could find, this PVC hose with rigid spiral reinforcement remains unkinked around incredibly tight bends, making it ideal for routing in narrow passages. Maximum length uncut is 100 feet.

Embedded spiral design offers partial visibility, which aids in system troubleshooting by allowing observation of flow through the hose without impacting strength of resistance to kinking.

Designed specifically for the marine environment, this hose is impervious to salt water, gas, oil and heat, making it the ideal candidate for use in the bilge of your boat.Don't scrimp on the quality of your system by buying generic PVC hose at Home Depot, the few dollars you save isn't worth the hassle of reduced flow and durability.

Don't jeopardize the functionality and lifespan of your wakeboard ballast installation by using clear hose from Home Depot just to save $20, buy the hose the manufacturers put in the boat from the factory.

Note: To match your boat's existing hose size, measure the hose by the inside diameter to find the correct size you need.

Always Buy Extra

It's always better to have a little extra ballast hose lying around after your ballast project is done than coming up 2 ft. short. Buy a few ft. more than you expect you'll need, it typically takes more hose than you would think.

Product Specs

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Manufacturer WakeMAKERS - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # 145-1180
Item # 31002
We are an authorized distributor of WakeMaker products, water ballast and some plumbing fittings are made to order, and stock levels vary daily. Please allow up to 2 - 3 weeks before your items arrive.

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