WakeBallast 1" Flow-Rite x Attwood Tsunami 1200 Drain Pump Adapter

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Connect your Attwood Tsunami 1200 GPH Ballast Pump directly to any 1" quick connect/DryLOK fitting threaded to the drain port of your ballast bag.

This adapter allows you to quickly and easily connect the Attwood Tsunami 1200 GPH Long Ballast Drain Pump (see recommended accessories) to nearly any ballast bag using the Flow-Rite Qwik-LOK fitting system.

Designed for use in an automated ballast system, this adapter converts the proprietary thread of the T1200 Long Drain Pump to work with the 1" Flow-Rite Quick Connect Fitting system. That means you get a secure, water-tight connection to the bag for your Attwood Drain Pump Long that can still be removed to pull the wakeboard or wakesurf ballast bag out of the boat easily for cleaning, storage or winterization. No hose clamps to loosen, and all of your wiring stays in the boat with the pump, making it incredibly easy to service your ballast system.

Additionally, this part ensures the pumps will be installed at the correct attitude for optimized performance so you can get as much water out of the bag as possible when draining.

If you're installing an automated ballast system in your boat using aerator ballast pumps that support 1-1/8" hose, you need to be using this connect to attach to the bag.


Attwood Tsunami Pump Compatibility

This adapter is only compatible with the "long intake" version of the Attwood Tsunami 1200GPH pump, it can not be used with the short intake version, which has a different thread pattern.

Product Specs

Warranty 2 Years
Manufacturer WakeBallast - view brand page
Manufacturer Part # M10250
Item # M10250
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