WakeMAKERS 2008 Malibu vRide 23 PiggyBack Rear Factory Ballast Upgrade

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The WakeMAKERS exclusive PiggyBack Factory Ballast Upgrade integrates WakeMAKERS FIT series ballast bags above the factory hard tanks to dramatically increase the overall capacity and produce a much improved wake.

WakeMAKERS exclusive Factory Ballast Upgrade Kits are built and designed to unleash your Malibu's full potential. It takes more than the factory ballast in your Malibu to achieve the wake you've always desired. After all, a better wake is proven to make for a more enjoyable wakesurfing and wakeboarding experience.

Our aftermarket ballast solutions increase the overall capacity of your Malibu boat's factory ballast system for improved performance while keeping the convenience of controlling all ballast with the switches at your dash. The ballast bags included in your Factory Ballast Upgrade are integrated into your boat's existing ballast system for automated filling/draining.

This upgrade kit "piggybacks" the included WakeMAKERS FIT Series ballast bags that are placed in the rear lockers to the factory hard tanks below. Drastically increasing the overall capacity of the ballast system in your Malibu will help to further displace the boat's hull in the water and make a more sizeable wake.

Now an updated version, the Malibu PiggyBack Factory Ballast Upgrade has been completely re-engineered by the WakeMAKERS ballast experts for more efficient flow of water and ensuring the factory hard tank completely fills. This updated design fills and drains the ballast bags quicker than the previous version.

Every WakeMAKERS Factory Ballast Upgrade is designed to be a user-friendly DIY install that can be completed in your garage over the course of an afternoon. Don't want to do a self-install and would rather take your boat to a professional? These upgrades can be completed by your local WakeMAKERS certified boat service center.

What's Included:

This factory ballast upgrade is a complete solution that includes everything needed to upgrade the ballast on your boat:

  • Port UniversalFIT 910lb Ballast Bag
  • Starboard UniversalFIT 910lb Ballast Bag
  • All required pre-assembled fittings and connectors required for installation

Product Specs

Warranty 2 Years
Manufacturer WakeMAKERS - view brand page
Item # S171178

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