WakeMAKERS Ballast System Timer Module

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Finally enjoy a totally worry free day on the water by incorporating our reversible pump timer module to your WakeBallast reversible pump ballast system or ballast wiring harness.

The timer is essentially invisible in its operation which means you can use your ballast system exactly like you would otherwise and the Timer Module will automatically turn the pump off to reduce the likelihood of damage. To fill your ballast, put your switch in the Fill position. There will be a 2.5 second delay before the Timer Module will turn the pump on and will run for the set amount of time. Once the time limit has been reached the Timer Module will turn the pump off. To drain your ballast, put the switch in the Drain position and let the Time Module run until it is complete.

Timer Module Installation Incorporating this timer module is quick and simple. The timer is connected in-line with the current wiring harness near the pump. Simply disconnect the plug-and-play connector at the pump, and connect the plug and receptacle to the wires of the Timer Module. You will need a separate timer module for each pump, or zone, that you want to control.

Timer Module Compatibility Our Ballast Pump Timer Module is a simple plug and play installation with any WakeBallast Premium Ballast Pump, or any WakeBallast Complete Ballast System that features our Premium Plug-and-Wake wiring harness technology. For more information, or for questions about your specific application, contact us.

Timer Configuration The Timer has a hole in the lid that allows for adjustment of the potentiometer. This will control how long the timer module will allow the pump to run for. Use the provided flat-head screw driver to gently rotate the potentiometer for adjustments.

The timer has a minimum run time of 3 minutes with a maximum run time of 25 minutes. The total swing is from 7 o'clock (3 minutes) to 5 o'clock (25 minutes) with 12 o'clock being roughly 12.5 minutes.

  • Option A: Set the timer module to run for the maximum amount of time required for fill or drain your ballast bag. Refer to the included chart to determine the appropriate amount of time.
  • Option B: An alternative configuration is to set the timer module to run for a known fraction of time required to fill or drain your ballast. For example, if it takes eight minutes to completely fill your ballast bag, you could set the timer for half that time, or four minutes, to give you the ability to reliably fill your bag just half way.

You may need to adjust the amount of time on the Timer Module using the potentiometer until you can ensure the ballast bag is completely filled and drained. After the initial setup you should not need to touch the Timer Module again.

NOTE: The light indicator on the switch will continue to stay lit even after the pump shuts off after its run cycle.

Manual Override Feature To interrupt the operation, set the switch to Off. This will stop the pump in its cycle and reset the Timer Module. Once you turn the switch back on to Fill/Drain, it will start the timer cycle over again to the desired set amount of time. This makes it possible to run the pump again right away, which can lead to damage to the impeller if left draining longer than the initial timer amount. The override feature prevents owners from being stuck with a full ballast bag.

NOTE: You should always wait at least two seconds when changing from fill to drain or vice-versa to avoid possible damage to the pump.

Plug-and-Wake Wiring

Plug-and-Wake Compatible

Plug-and-Wake is a wiring system LIMITED to WakeMAKERS that takes the guess work out of installing electrical accessories in your boat. No knowledge required, just plug compatible components together like you plug in a light. Connections are secure, vibration-proof and weather resistant. Save time and eliminate mistakes.

We are an authorized distributor of WakeMaker products, water ballast and some plumbing fittings are made to order, and stock levels vary daily. Please allow up to 2 - 3 weeks before your items arrive.

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