WakeBallast Inline Check Valve Fitting

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High performance non-return check valve custom designed specifically for use in wakeboard ballast system applications.

Unhappy with metal body swing check valves, clunky threaded connections, and additional restriction common with most check valve fittings, we had this inline non-return check valve designed and built to our specs. There are a wide array of applications for non-return check valves in wakeboard ballast systems, and we have done extensive testing to ensure our new valves will perform in all situations.

The full flow design of these 3/4", 1" and 1-1/8" inline check valve means they don't inhibit the flow of water when open, which makes them ideal for use in ballast systems where volume is paramount. The lightweight, fully composite, design requires no maintenance, will never rust, accepts hose connections directly with no adapters needed, and can be installed at any angle in any position (unlike more common household swing check valves) for the ultimate in installation flexibility.

Simply put, if you need a check valve on your boat, these are the best option available anywhere, and are actually less expensive and perform better than the valves you can buy at home improvement stores.

Common Applications

  • Preventing Siphon Draining: When using an aerator pump in an automated ballast system, installing a check valve between the ballast bag and pump will prevent a siphon from starting, which can completely drain the bags.
  • Drain Above Waterline: When using a flexible vane reversible ballast pump, check valves can also be used to drain ballast bags above the waterline, offering visual and audible indication of when the system is draining.
  • Share One Thru-hull Connector: Another popular application for check valves is to combine the drain or vent line on two ballast bags while isolating them from each other. That prevents water that is being pumped out of one bag from flowing back down into the other while sharing a common thru-hull connector, which reduces the number of holes that have to be drilled in the boat.

This 1" inline check valve fitting is also a direct replacement for Fly High's W753 inline check valve fitting. It functions exactly the same, and almost half the price is a great value.

Creates a secure connection to 1" wakeboard ballast hose using two Stainless Steel Hose Clamps (sold separately, see related products) that will not leak or damage hose.

We are an authorized distributor of WakeMaker products, water ballast and some plumbing fittings are made to order, and stock levels vary daily. Please allow up to 2 - 3 weeks before your items arrive.

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