WakeBallast Supra/Moomba Gravity III Ballast System Enhancer

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A complete Enhancer for solves all of the issues of the 2002-2008 Moomba and Supra boats equipped with the Gravity III factory ballast system.

Unfortunately, it's well known that the factory Gravity III ballast system installed in 2002-2008 Moomba and Supra boats has numerous flaws in terms of its design and functionality. Going back more than three years ago we pioneered the first Gravity III Ballast System Enhancer, and since then we've helped lots of unhappy owners fix the issues with the factory setup.

The next evolution of that Enhancer is this complete package, which includes everything you need, pre-selected and guaranteed to work seamlessly to revamp the factory system that's currently installed in your boat. Our Gravity III Ballast System Enhancer includes everything you need to completely overhaul your factory setup in one convenient package that has been tested through countless installations.

After installation, which we've worked hard to make it as simple as possible, your boat's factory ballast system will essentially be Enhancerd to the 2009+ factory system which uses a dedicated reversible pump for each bag in the system. That means you can say goodbye to priming issues, slow and inconsistent fill times, and you'll also gain a dedicated vent/overflow connection for each bag. Get more weight in your boat in less time, and with no drama, just an easy to operate system that works like you expect every time.

How It Works

We reuse as much of the factory components as possible to offer value and ease of installation for our customers. Your factory ballast system uses a single common fill pump, which is a huge bottleneck if you are filling all three ballast locations, since the output of that pump is split in thirds.

Our Enhancer replaces that single common fill pump with three reversible pumps so that each bag in the system has a dedicated pump for filling and draining. That means you have the full capacity of that pump available to fill each bag, drastically reducing the amount of time required to fill and drain the system.

What's Included

  • 3 WakeBallast Premium Reversible Ballast Pumps
  • 20ft. Pump Wiring Harnesses
  • 10ft. Battery Wiring Harnesses
  • Pre-Wired Switch Block Module
  • Battery Terminal Module w/ Fuse Holder
  • 2x 30 Amp Blade Fuses
  • 1" Ballast Hose Black
  • 1" & 1-1/8" Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
  • 3/4" Thread x 1" Hose Barb Fittings
  • Flow-Rite 1" Elbow Quick Release Connectors
  • 3/4" Bronze Ball Valves
  • 3/4" Bronze Mushroom Thru-Hull Intakes
  • Attwood Clear Silicone Marine Adhesive

How It's Installed

Although we've worked as hard as possible to make this Enhancer as easy to install as it can possibly be, there are some aspects of the installation that are unavoidable. Let's just get this out of the way right off the bat:

Additional holes will need to be drilled in the boat. There's just no way around it if we're going to fix the problems that are inherent with the factory system.

We've been selling ballast systems for a long time, and our customers are, understandably, always intimidated by this step of the process. We have some great video guides available that demystify this step of the process, so although it's intimidating, if you know how to use a drill, it's not difficult. Of course you can always have your local dealer or marine service shop drill the holes for you if you would prefer (and we're happy to ship your order directly to them for installation).

Outside of the drilling the holes, the rest of the installation is fairly straight forward, and consists of mounting the new pumps, running new hose to feed the system, and wiring the new pumps to your factory switches.

Click here to read our guide on installing Thru-Hull Fittings On Your Boat.

WakeBallast Premium Reversible Ballast Pump Wiring Guide

Product Specs

Warranty 2 Years
Manufacturer WakeBallast - view brand page
Item # 42103
We are an authorized distributor of WakeMaker products, water ballast and some plumbing fittings are made to order, and stock levels vary daily. Please allow up to 2 - 3 weeks before your items arrive.

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